Perl scripts for cloning Tru64 systems

I have written 2 scripts, clone-system and clone-cluster which completely automate the cloning of a simple Tru64 single system, or a cluster. By simple, I mean a straightforward configuration. In particular, only simple disks ("/dev/disk/dskXX") can be used for the target filesystems; LSM volumes cannot be targets. The scripts should allow cloning from LSM volumes -- this has not been tested.
See below for an example cloning configuration.

The clone process produces a completely independently bootable system (or cluster). This has a number of advantages:

If you are interested in obtaining one or both of the scripts, send me a mail with your name, the name of your company (if appropriate), and a short description of what your company does. The scripts are free.

[Example of cluster cloning configuration]

Robert Urban