NOTE: collect was once open-source software distributed separately from Tru64 UNIX. At some point it was integrated into the base kit (around v5.0 I think). That means you get collect automatically with V5. Please ignore the the rest of this page.

collect was once, a long time ago, freely available externally from the locations below. This is at most of historical interest. Compaq and HP made sure that almost nothing of Digital remains. California Germany France Australia


As I write this, the latest version of collect is 1.11, however, this web page may not get updated all that often, so check the distribution directory for newer versions. I recommend the latest kit! Do not get an earlier kit unless you have a really good reason! The simplest way to get started is to install the setld kit, which can be found here. The setld kit will attempt to automatically build a custom executable for your version of Dunix. This kit contains everything necessary to use all the tools except perl, which has to be retrieved separately (see below). In particular, this kit includes gnuplot and some image conversion tools for producing GIF and JPEG images from gnuplot.


The sources are distributed as part of the binary kit. After the binary kit has been installed, the source kit can be found under /usr/opt/COL111/src/collect-1.11.tar.Z. If, however, you only want the sources, they can be found here (USA).


If you intend to use cfilt or collgui, you need perl with the Tk extension. There are two perl kits, an older version of perl (5.003) which can be installed on Digital UNIX V3.2 and upwards, and the newest perl version (5.004_04) which can only be installed on V4.0B and upwards.

The Perl V5.003 kit (Digital UNIX V3.2 or greater) can be found here (USA) or here (Germany).
The Perl V5.004_04 kit (Digital UNIX V4.0B or greater) can be found here (USA) or here (Germany).

In case you didn't read the above:
If you would like to use cfilt or collgui, unless you already have perl with the Tk extension, you must also obtain and install the setld perl kit. See above for the location.