Web-absence is a CGI application designed to help keep track of people in a group. It is intended to do one thing: allow the user to display the plans of all people in a group in a way that makes it easy to see who's present and who's absent. It is not intended for anything else. The resolution is one day.

It could easily be adapted do handle reservations for any set of objects, as long as a resolution of a day is acceptable.

An example of a possible use is reserving machines/computers in a laboratory.

Web-absence is based on four Perl CGI-scripts that rely on seven back-end Perl modules written specifically for web-absence. For each month, an image (by default, PNG) is generated. Absences are created, edited, and deleted by clicking on the month-image.

New in V2

Image Maps

Absence can be configured to use one of two modes to handle absence manipulations, server-side or client-side image maps.

server-side image maps

This is not well-tested in V2.0. I recommend using client-side image maps.
The month-image is a link; operations on people in the group are performed by clicking on the image. The coordinates are used to determine the nature of the requested operation. Server-side image maps are simple and allow small web pages to be generated, however you must click on holidays and absences to get more information on them.

client-side image maps

The month-image is simply an image in conjunction with client-side image map which defines all possible areas where a click is meaningful. The advantage to client-side image maps is that tool-tips are used. The web pages generated using this method can be BIG.

Authentication and Authorization

Absence supports authentication and authorization. See README-AUTH.txt for details.


In order to generate the images, Web-absence uses the freely-available Perl module "GD" (with all its dependencies), the relational database PostgreSQL V8.X.X, the Perl CGI and CGI::Session modules, with dependencies.


Absence is licensed under the GPL. See LICENSE.txt for more information.


current stable version: web-absence-2.1.tar.gz

old versions:

kit-readme: README.txt

authentication-readme: README-AUTH.txt

instance-readme: README-INSTANCES.txt

Demonstration Instance

I have set up a demo where you can get a feel for how web-absence works. Please use common-sense when naming people and groups.

demonstration installation: demo-multi
Please note: the above demonstration page is for demonstration purposes only. Anyone can see and change anything.

Robert Urban <urban@unix-beratung.de>