1. Choosing Language using the german distribution

When the RedHat CD is booted directly, the 'language choice' menu does not appear, and the installation language, and later the default system language is german. This can be worked around by using the boot parameter lang=en for english. Presumably others can be chosen, but I don't know their abbreviations.

When the system is booted from the RedHat boot floppy, the language choice menu does appear!

2. Keyboard freezes

On both this laptop and on a te[ck]ra, after the first boot after installation the keyboard would lock up completely. There seems to be some conflict with the PCMCIA stuff. The solution was simple: cause the PCMCIA startup to occur as late as possible by renaming /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S45pcmcia to /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S99pcmcia

3. Video

The 4060XCDT has the Trident Cyber 9525 DVD chipset with 2.5MB VRAM.

3.1. X-based installation fails

The X-based installation failed, and I was forced to resort to the text-based one. However, the X configuration produced during the installation worked hassle-free immediately.

3.2. Amount of VRAM

The amount of VRAM is incorrectly determined by the automatic configuration to be 2MB. In order to get 24bpp at a resolution of 1024x768 this needs to be corrected in /etc/X11/XF86Config.

3.3. Accelleration

I have not yet tried XFree86 V4.
I tried accelleration with 8bpp, 16bpp, and 24bpp. 8bpp mode was broken with or without accelleration. In 16bpp mode, accelleration seemed to be used, but thing obviously didn't work correctly. In 24bpp mode the accelleration option seemed to be ignored.

If anybody has more luck with accelleration, particularly under XFree86 V4, please let me know!

Rob Urban